New Amaranth novel!

Finally and at last! (And yes, I'm sorry I'm so slow...)

The new Amaranth title - "Gambling Heart" - just hit the bookshelves at Loose Id this morning. The cover looks like this:


Jay should be a very happy slave boy. His new master is young, hot, affectionate, and no stricter than he needs to be. Also rich now, thanks to one night’s hectic gambling. But the man who lost all that money - and his slave boy too - wants his revenge. He wants everything back, including Jay, and he’ll do whatever it takes to achieve his goal.

It’s dangerous to challenge so much wealth and influence, let alone to defeat them - and that’s only the start of the trouble for Jay and his master Jensen. Jay has a secret, that he’s kept hidden from all the men who’ve owned him. Now that’s going to lead him and his master too down strange roads in stranger company, and into deadly danger, eventually into Hell itself...


A new book! Finally!

*taps screen hesitantly*

Um, is anybody still here...?

I have a new book out! Published today! It's been an age, I know. Stuff happened. But we're back. And to celebrate I wrote another story about Provence and the wine country and an Englishman all at sea...

It's wittily entitled Pink Fizz (to go with White Flag and Red Light, obviously), and it's out now from Loose Id, and the cover looks like this:


- and if you go here, those nice people at Loose Id will tell you all about it...

Runaway Heart

Damn, I'm sorry about the late announcement (I suppose it would be small excuse to murmur that I've been busy, working on the next Amaranth title...?) - but the new Amaranth title is out now! It's been out for, ooh, hours!

It's called Runaway Heart, it comes from Loose Id as ever, and here's the cover:

When Marc steals Finn, his favourite slave, wicked Baron Thiviers will stop at nothing to hunt them down. Finn has to run from this new young master he adores; but Marc comes after him, risking his own life for possession of the boy he loves.

Need to know more? 'Course you do! Click here for further details, and opportunities to buy...

Red Light

People, I have a new title coming out next week! From Loose Id, as ever: it's called Red Light, it's contemporary gay romance, and it's a companion-piece to my previous White Flag: set again among the wine-makers of France. With repeat performances from Charlie and Matthieu and Juliette, alongside the new boys.

You can read all about it here. It'll be published on the 8th of this month, which is next Monday; in the meantime, just enjoy the cover...


New book!

Okay, people. You've all been wonderfully patient, and I've been appallingly slow, and I'm sorry about that; but patience need not be its own reward after all, there can also be a book.

Hidden Heart will be published by Loose Id, possibly around November-time. It is of course another tale of Amaranth, and I am hoping for another gorgeous cover from Anne Cain.

More news as it firms up...