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Reviews and such

Couple of early reviews for Healing Heart, in case you're interested -

Rainbow Reviews likes it rather well, while

Dear Author finds that the slavery issue gets in the way of the story. Which I take as a slap on the wrist, because it shouldn't.

Publication - Healing Heart!

Aaaand it's out! This very day as ever was, Healing Heart goes on sale from Loose Id!

Please to form orderly e-queue. And enjoy...

(And let me know what you think: I do this for you, y'know. Yup, you. The one with the pink bedsocks, you...)

Cover art for Healing Heart!

What the subject line says, basically: here's the cover for the next Amaranth novel, Healing Heart. Please to clicky to embiggen; you know you want to...

Om-nom-nom, say I. It's by Anne Cain, of course. I do dearly love what she's doing for this series.

"Dark Heart" review

One day, I swear, I will post actual content...

For now, though: here's a new review of Dark Heart. With a couple of reservations about the slave/master dynamic (but, as she acknowledges, that is deliberate on my part), and otherwise a great deal of cheer: "...this is a wonderful story. The prose is engaging and the author's voice as told in first person through Tam is instantly captivating ... The world building and characters draw the reader in immediately and carry the journey to the end, leaving hope for a sequel."

Hope shall be contented, sort of. It's not exactly a sequel - though Tam and his Master Luke do indeed feature - but Healing Heart will be out from Loose Id in just a couple of weeks now. August 25th, I think. Can't wait...

And another one...

SarahF at "Dear Author" has reviewed White Flag, and enjoyed it: "It’s a gentle little book, evocative of French wine-country, beautifully descriptive of Matt’s special wine, piercingly emotional when necessary." And then she jumps off from that into a discussion of romance, what it is and why we read it: "And what White Flag shows for me so beautifully is that all romance is about self-negation. All romance comes down to the conflict and the compromise to make the relationship work, in real life as well as in fiction." Go read, it's worth it.

Second review!

Hee. I promise I won't keep the count up (past the first few dozen, anyway) - but I will keep pointing you at reviews, when they're as flattering as this one at Rainbow Reviews. She may not be convinced that the relationship's going to last, but "This is a wonderfully lyrical and beautiful romance ... The writing itself is evocative and brings the French countryside alive just as the two men are vivid and captivating... The prose shines and creates a lovely and romantic story that will delight and satisfy." Lots more at the link, but that'll do me.

First review!

Well, that was quick. White Flag has had its first review, from elisa_rolle, hurrah! She found the book more fey than I think I intended - "it mixes the dreamy atmosphere of a fairy tale with the naughtiness of an erotic romp, and the author is so good in blending them, that you almost don't realize when the fairies (no pun intended) are suddenly turning into little devils" - but that's the fun about fiction, everyone reads a different book. She sees the meeting of two worlds as almost literal, where I only saw two young men with very different experience and ambitions. Yay...

Publication day!

White Flag is out! Today!

"Charlie is a travel writer, a nomad who will never settle down; Matthieu makes wine in the family vineyard, and never wants to leave. Must it be love that dies, or will one fly the white flag of surrender?"

Here's a link to the publisher's web page, should you want to, y'know, buy it...

New cover - "White Flag"

Here's the cover for the contemporary m/m novella, White Flag.

It's the sweet romantic story of an English travel-writer and a French winemaker, a rolling stone and a stay-at-home boy. Complete with a chateau and a canal and a boat and horses and, oh, everything...

The cover's by April Martinez, and the book will be published by Loose Id. Real soon now. As soon as I have a date, I'll let you know.


Just to let you know, I just signed contracts on two more books for Loose Id. One is a contemporary novella, White Flag, a thoroughly unkinky gay romance set in the vineyards of France, designed to make you go "aaahhhh..."

The other is - finally! - another tale in the Amaranth series. Called Healing Heart, it features characters from Dark Heart but is not really a sequel; it's a distinct story, about a young healer and a slave boy he encounters, a terrible plague and its consequences.

That should be available in late August or early September; White Flag will be out before that, possibly as soon as next month.